How I Manage My Icons In Sketch. – Part 3.

Hello Again, Hope you are well and experienced the new icons technique that I showed in part 1 & part 2 . Cool! Right? In the meantime Sketch 52 is released and came off with a lot of features. I also lost a ton of money by replacing the display of my MacBook Pro 2017 (That appeared suddenly without any physical damage).  Anyway, that’s a different story. Sketch 52 has some improvements on layer style overriding, which makes the icon workflow more amazing & you won’t be needing to define the color layer. Check out Jesse Showalter’s video to learn the details. ( And some more Exciting Features.) 

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How I Manage My Icons In Sketch. – Part 2.

Hey, Good to see you after the First Part. Hope you got an idea about how I create icons in the first part and played with the techniques.

In this part, we will cover how to use them.


If you have some concepts about Symbols & Libraries, using the icons we created should be a fairly easy process.

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How I Manage My Icons In Sketch. – Part 1.

There are a lot of posts & articles about managing icons in Sketch. But none of them seems complete & they are scattered. It was tough for me to get the whole picture of this icon mystery. However, in this article, I will try my best to explain the whole icon workflow I use in my projects (from creation to developer-handoff)

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Some of My Favorite Sketch Plugins

Sketch & I have a love-hate relationship for a long time. One of the main reason I love sketch is its ‘pluggability’ (Able to plug things in). This is one of the reasons for sketch being so light, simple and yet functional. I hated sketch mostly for its availability (available on Macs only).

N.B: I have plans for writing about Sketch & me, Just don’t know when.

Rantings Aside. Lets Start with the plugins that I love.

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How I manage to work on two startups at once

I find it tough to make people understand about my work, mostly because of working at two companies distributedly. When people ask me “Where do you work?” The answer usually is “I work at two companies named Dingi & Cookups.” Then the whooing, wowing and whatnot starts. I manage to explain them with my time & day distribution. Eventually, they get it and think its like normal one place work, just in a different way. But Only I understand that it’s more than that. Managing two products distributedly is a bit more challenging than your regular job. This article is about facing those challenges for any of you who are trying to face the two-face(pun! anyone?) challenge like me. Continue reading “How I manage to work on two startups at once”

Some of My Favorite Chrome Extensions

I am a cross-platform guy. I tend to work on every platforms. Recently I switched to a hackintosh build. Still I use windows & arch on my old pal hp probook. I use chrome in all of the platforms. It has some beautiful & handy extensions which are available on every platforms. I use some of them regularly to serve my work needs. I will share some of them to you guys thinking this extensions might come in handy on your work. Also they are free to use. Enjoy!

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Getting Remote Design Jobs/Contracts without Marketplaces

Some of the common questions that I get a lot:

Do you work on upwork,elance or other marketplaces?

Can I get your upwork profile link?

I am bidding continuously but can’t find any work, How to bid perfectly? How do you do it?

And so on.

When I tell them that I don’t usually work on marketplaces but I do remote & freelance work. They got surprised and think(assuming :P) “wow! I am so cool. How I do that?”. Actually I am not that cool yet, I just do some basic things to make myself visible to the world. Lots of designers from around the world do this. You’ll be also able to do that after reading this article (yeey). Hope this vague article can help you regarding getting design works easily. I am assuming that you are already
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Why you Shouldn’t be a designer.

Woah! Woah, cool down. You’ve got the right to do what you want to be. Even you can be a designer. And to be more specific any types of designer such as UI Designer, Graphic Designer or maybe a fashion designer. But ask yourself do you really want to be a designer? Or being a designer just for the money or for looking cool (Designing is a pretty cool job you know). Let’s come to the point, before making the decision to be a designer consider the points below & the FAQ’s before reading the points ;).

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A Visit to The Past.

It was just an unusual holiday morning. I’m getting bored with reinstalling my Operating System. All on a sudden my roommate came up. After greetings I was talking about passing the free time of today. Suddenly his eyes were glowed telling “let’s make a visit to the time machine”. I wondered & I asked “Time machines exist! “. Owah! I was excited about where to go. Anyway I just left the computer in middle of the installation. And then prepared for visiting the time machine. My roommate was ready with some digital paper on his hand. On the way of going to the time machine he gave a brief about it. It was made by Hasin Hayder based on Einstein’s relativity theory. It’s a secret project. Because everyone can’t get to the machine. He was not a student of physics so can’t say more than that information.

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কিভাবে মজিলা লোকালাইজেশনে অবদান রাখবেন।

লোকালাইজেশন কি?

প্রথমত, এটি একটি ইংরেজী শব্দ। একে localization অথবা localization দুই ভাবেই লেখা যায় , আবার আদর করে বা গিকি স্টাইলে একে l10n ও বলা যায়। আসলে l এবং n এর মধ্যবর্তি ১০ টা অক্ষরের কারণেই একে l10n নামে ডাকা হয়। টার্ম টা বাংলা করলে দাড়ায়, “স্থানীয়করন” ,এটা  অবশ্য শুনতে একটু অন্যরকম লাগে। নির্দিষ্ট দেশ বা অঞ্চলের উপযুক্ত করে একটি পন্য বা প্রোডাক্টকে ওই অঞ্চলের চলিত ভাষায় অনুবাদ করাটাই আসলে লোকালাইজেশন।

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