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Passionate problem solver & tech junkie named “Ahmad Firoz” . Strongly related to ( Or at least wants to be related to) the term “UX(User Experience)”.

Even though mainly associated with Product, UI, UX & Startups, I am also associated with Open Source, Hardware, Embedded systems, Linux, Development, Games, all things tech and a loose association with audio ( Some people calls it audiophile).

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Yeap! Thats How I look

Currently, I am working as an Senior Product Designer in an award winning Swedish startup named Goava.

I also work on some contractual works with Creative Aliens, Where I am working as a UX Designer and providing services for Companies like Upwork & Siemens

I love working with startups & solve product problems & people’s problems. I’ve also worked with businesses and enterprises including Telenor, Veon, Berger and startups including Dingi , Cookups, Beatnik, Vilinox and other successful & failed! (Yes! some of them failed but we learned a lot) startups.

I’ve co-founded Lets Learn Coding to help people learn coding for free. Even dropouts and minority people can learn to code. Had some Amazing event all over the country. Now it’s a hub to connect instructors & students of technology.

Formed Behance Bangladesh, a community of Bangladeshi creative people which is logistically supported by Behance (be.net) & Adobe. I Initiated the idea in May 2014 and organized many events named BeReviews with the help of local communities & offices.

Worked with Mozilla foundation & contributed in Firefox browser & Firefox OS to make the web open.

More details about my work could be found in my LinkedIn Profile

I’ve completed my grad in BSc in CSE at Southeast University. Though previously I have interest in tech but studied in hotel management.

Thanks for your precious visit & hope you’ll enjoy the articles of the blog.


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  1. Hey Ahmad,

    I am looking for a design only work for one of the concepts similar to your products (CV Steps). Let me know if you are available via skype or gmail for further discussion.

    Reply to my email, if you are available.

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