About Myself

To get a brief about me I will use a quote from Mehedee83 ,

Just A Simple & Ordinary Human Being, Who Thinks Himself That He’s Different.

The GreatSo that ‘s to describe me. 😛 Anyways I am Ahmad Firoz/Firoz Ahmad From Bangladesh.Yeah ! I look like the image on the right of this page. Currently, I am working as a product designer in two startups (i.e: Dingi & Cookups). I’ve completed my grad in BSc in CSE at Southeast University.Though previously I have interest in tech but studied in hotel management.

I am a freelance web & graphic designer also. I used to lead a boring mechanical life. Love everything around me. Correction please .. Love to capture everything around me( Don’t think about the odd things now) though I don’t have a DSLR camera( Update: I have a DSLR camera now. But due to my laziness and/or work I can’t-do photography often 🙁 ). I guess I don’t need to mention that I am a tech addict and an open source enthusiast :).

Well, there are lot more things that I like. Here are few terms about my interests and me,

Product Designer| Open Web Lover| Open Source Software Enthusiast | Hackintosh/Windows/Arch User | GNOME Fan| Hip Hop & House Music Fan | Tech Addict| Android Admirer| Movie Addict | Social Network Freak| Adobe Addict 

Thanks for your precious visit & hope you’ll enjoy the articles of the blog.


4 thoughts on “About Myself”

  1. Hey Ahmad,

    I am looking for a design only work for one of the concepts similar to your products (CV Steps). Let me know if you are available via skype or gmail for further discussion.

    Reply to my email, if you are available.

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