Cookups Case Study: How we made a user-centric app

Cookups is the largest homemade food platform in Bangladesh, which I’ve worked on to tailor the user experience of users. It provides homemade food from authentic cooks. It’s actually more like an Airbnb of food for Dhaka (The city I live in).

Some off-topic: Most of the Startups and/or businesses in our country don’t take user experience seriously. Which ends up as bad user experience but they don’t seem to connect with users to know their problems. I use a bunch of those apps because there is no other option.

At Cookups things went differently though. We started with the users. In this user-first approach, we learned a lot, resulting in satisfied users.

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How I Manage My Icons In Sketch. – Part 2.

Hey, Good to see you after the First Part. Hope you got an idea about how I create icons in the first part and played with the techniques.

In this part, we will cover how to use them.


If you have some concepts about Symbols & Libraries, using the icons we created should be a fairly easy process.

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Some of My Favorite Sketch Plugins

Sketch & I have a love-hate relationship for a long time. One of the main reason I love sketch is its ‘pluggability’ (Able to plug things in). This is one of the reasons for sketch being so light, simple and yet functional. I hated sketch mostly for its availability (available on Macs only).

N.B: I have plans for writing about Sketch & me, Just don’t know when.

Rantings Aside. Lets Start with the plugins that I love.

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