Why you Shouldn’t be a designer.5 min read

Woah! Woah, cool down. You’ve got the right to do what you want to be. Even you can be a designer. And to be more specific any types of designer such as UI Designer, Graphic Designer or maybe a fashion designer. But ask yourself do you really want to be a designer? Or being a designer just for the money or for looking cool (Designing is a pretty cool job you know). Let’s come to the point, before making the decision to be a designer consider the points below & the FAQ’s before reading the points ;).

If I don’t consider those points but still want to be a designer, then what will happen?

Nothing will happen. The Possibility of being a bad designer without considering the points below is 90% (or more!).

Is these are rules or citation from any book?

Wrong Idea! Let me say it straight. These are just made up rules by me. My bare experience as designer helped me write this post. Some people frequently ask me that they are willing to be a designer. This post is mainly about answering their questions. And let them think again about being a designer.

N.B: This writeup is kinda vogue & full of grammar issues. Read at your own risk.

No Passion

Are you passionate enough about design? If you’re thinking that designing will be like side by side & you’ll do this just for the time being then you are in wrong place, Try another profession as a side-by-side job. Designing is a challenging profession & you should be passionate & desperate enough to face the challenge. It is only possible when your main focus is on design. And, yes by that I didn’t mean that your educational or academic background should be in the design field. Passion is like the thing you can die for. I was an hotelier before but I was passionate about design, Still, I study in computer science & do UI/UX design as a profession.

Easy Money

Huh! lets put some boxes & earn thousand dollars. How tough that can be? Actually, it’s not like that. Designing isn’t an easy job & money isn’t that easy to get. If you’re thinking that designers earn lots of money so you should be a designer. Please don’t be a designer. Honestly, these industry doesn’t have that much money which makes you a billionaire. We usually get out living cost out of designing & a bit of more maybe. But if you aren’t passionate enough & don’t do enough practice /project and still want money out of this field. You are welcome to try. But I can assure you, nobody will pay you money that easy. And again I’d like to say, 7-90 days of training doesn’t make you a designer.

Designer or Artist?

Let’s differentiate this one. Or you may not pick the right one for you. If you create things that just came out of your mind whether it is functional or not or you don’t care if other people like it or not. You just create things, No timetable, no obligations etc. Then you are an artist. You just need a highly creative mind which you may already have. Don’t ruin that.

Designing is problem-solving. Designers create things which are functional & artistic using their creativity. They solve a problem & make life easier. Design can be art though. But they need to be functional though. As an example, we could take De Vinci’s plane. It is an art But it has a functionality ( It can fly ). There will time-frame & clients/co-workers obligations in design. And it’s an ongoing process.

So make sure, What you want to be?


Well! It’s yes to have ego form some perspective. Say for example when growing self-esteem. Or in front of the client (In a certain level off-course). But Showing ego with co-workers & other people is kinda bad for designers. Just too look cool you may miss a lot of information out there & that’ll be a great damn wall between you and professional designer. Trust me in this “Too much ego is bad.It’s really bad.” If you can’t give up this issue, Designing is not for you. Try somewhere else.

Design is a like a sea. You can’t learn all of it & can’t demand you know all of it. And in terms of digital media designing a user can help you more if you can remove ego. When it comes to fixes of design( I know it’s terrible. But you can’t be right always). Think about what you did wrong. And yes its okay to do mistakes. Don’t be stubborn. 🙂

Can’t Communicate?

This point is especially for digital media (Web/Mobile/UI) Designers but also works with other designer’s as well. You cant interact with people? You love to be in your house all day? Or you don’t know general English (By that I didn’t mean that you need to be expert in English). These are the walls of communication. So if you like to be that way & don’t care about communication you just simply can’t be that much creative & visual thinker. People aren’t gonna bite you. You can easily interact with people. So don’t miss that opportunity. 😉

So, guys, This is all for now. Just keep those points in mind. I guess it’ll help you on the pathway of being a designer. PSS! This is my first article written on markdown. (learned markdown on this chance). Feel free to add or remove points & leave your opinions in the comment section.

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  1. Wow! Especially that “Designer or Artist” part, that was greatly designed! 😀 😉
    Loved the read, quite helpful to let know new designers or wanna be designers how they should tread on the field.

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