A Visit to The Past.3 min read

It was just an unusual holiday morning. I’m getting bored with reinstalling my Operating System. All on a sudden my roommate came up. After greetings I was talking about passing the free time of today. Suddenly his eyes were glowed telling “let’s make a visit to the time machine”. I wondered & I asked “Time machines exist! “. Owah! I was excited about where to go. Anyway I just left the computer in middle of the installation. And then prepared for visiting the time machine. My roommate was ready with some digital paper on his hand. On the way of going to the time machine he gave a brief about it. It was made by Hasin Hayder based on Einstein’s relativity theory. It’s a secret project. Because everyone can’t get to the machine. He was not a student of physics so can’t say more than that information.

Ahh! At last reached to the time machine. As I can remember it was in a lift and top of some building. There were a guard. He gave me greetings. I was wondering thinking that how the guard know me. Well! My roommate interrupted. We are ready for time travel. As I was confused about where I should visit future or past?

At last I decided to visit past. To my childhood time. I know my little version always think about being a pilot. I am gonna go and say him that “You are not gonna be a pilot. You will be a geek (Computer Engineer). Well time & date fixed and we were ready to depart. At the last moment I thought that we should decide the place, but it was too late. So the lift started. I was checking about my sign of future. My Smartphone 😉 . It was in my back pocket.

As the place was not decided. We landed Dhaka by default. (facepalm) I couldn’t meet my little version. But after all I was happy. We got out by a buildings lift. After getting out may be I was in farmgate. I was wondering seeing some people dialing on telephone & trying to reach someone but they couldn’t. After some wandering around. I’ve seen a cute college girl with her friends. I told her “Mam! You look beautiful but your age will be equal to my mom’s age in my time. That girl was gonna slap me. But at the last time I was rescued by my smartphone. She was more interested than me :3 . She was much more nerd than me. Ahh! “Love in time & space”. Kinda cool to think. And again my thoughts were interrupted by my roommate.

My roommate informed me about our short time & we gotta visit as many places as we can. I was thinking about going panditshar to meet with my small version but that wasn’t possible because of short time.

We decided to go on Dhaka varsity. After going there I saw a teacher was saying some technical things and I handed over the topic. In the meantime two students made some issues. Again! My smartphone to the rescue. One of them were two interested of my smartphone. He just wanted it by any means but according to some time & space condition I can’t gave it to him.

The time is came. Gotta go to my time. The two students (Who made issue) are with me until I was there. So we were at a field in the last time and travelled with an invisible lift. Suddenly the lift stopped. I was afraid of got stuck in time & space but hopefully the lift stopped in that shopping place we started from.

We came back to house & trying to connect Julian & anam vai to know the fact, but I can’t for some network issues!

Then I awake & realized that adobe after effect of too much science fiction 😛 . Well ! the feelings was amazing. Seriously!

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