Create Bootable USB flash Drive-Part 21 min read

Hope you guys are still alive and been well. I am back with the next part of Creating Bootable USB Flash Drive. In the first part, we’ve learned how to make bootable USB of Windows operating system. Today we’ll learn how to make bootable USB of any Linux distros(Distribution)

Well! Creating bootable USB of a Linux distro is comparatively easy than windows. Just Go to PendriveLinux‘s Website and choose a way to create bootable USB. Done! Huh. But wait there are lot more ways on that site. So which one you choose? Yeah! I’d love to recommend you one.

  1. The untetbooten: Using of it is pretty easy and fast. It is also cross-platform. Which means you can create bootable Linux USB form any OS.(Windows/Linux/Mac). I personally use it for creating bootable Linux USB. 
  2. YUMI multiboot creator (windows): This one is a good tool but only for windows. 
  3. Startup disk creator(Linux): Most of the Linux distros have this tool on their control panel. From which you can create bootable USB.

I guess I mentioned in the previous post regarding how to boot from USB. I don’t know about booting Macintosh on USB.So this is the last part 🙂 . Good bye .


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